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Magnetic locks, we make it tamper-proof

Magnetic locks are the basic devices used by locksmiths. Magnetic locks are made of electromagnet and armature plate such that it is extensively used in the locksmith industry. We, Chicago Locksmith have skilled technicians to work on the mechanisms efficiently. The magnet offers a secure door locking. Our technicians have the ability to design the locks so that it is fail safe. The magnetic locks use the principle such that current passes through the wire to produce magnetic force. Thus it provides strength and keeps the door secure. Our technicians ensure it is tamper-proof and offers a more secure option to activate the lock.

Mobile home locks, we can provide timely services

Mobile homes face high probability of theft and the risk factors are high. The structure of the mobile homes is such that it has a propensity of theft and is inviting for burglars. Mobile home locks are also easily damaged as they lack anchored foundations. We, Chicago Locksmith have technicians to provide with sturdy locks. Our technicians are aware of the intensity of the locks and so dedicate their time and ascertain the home locks are perfectly secure. Our technicians are skilled, licensed and certified that they know the need for the mobile homes to have secure locks, thus to maintain security.

We help you keep trespassers away from private areas using Padlocks

Security is a concern, regardless of whether one is at office or home. Everyone requires protection from forced entry at workplace or homes. In fact, even the schools wish to keep their lockers safe and cannot entertain anyone going through others personal stuff. The trespassers are best kept out of the private areas by using padlocks. This is used since ages. We, Chicago Locksmith offer padlocks of two types, keyed and combination padlock. Our technicians can work on both the padlocks locking mechanism. The padlocks have the feature of setting the numbers. Our technicians will help in purchasing different fancy designed padlocks.

Peephole installation, we provide anytime service

Looking for a locksmith like us Chicago Locksmith is inevitable as our technicians are well informed and we have a reputation of being reliable and trustworthy. Our technicians offer auto and home or commercial services. This includes opening locked doors to making duplicate keys. The residential services include re-keying, peephole installation, deadbolts, window locks, safes, door repairs, bump proof locks, and many more services. The locksmith services helps in contributing to family safety and assists in emergency. We offer trusted 24 hour emergency service and we attend at 773-236-8517 anytime. Choosing us is a serious decision as we have highly trained and experienced people as technicians.

One of our locksmiths can reach inside any of the following areas within 15-20 minutes !