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Re-keying, we accomplish a successful work

Re-keying is a way of altering a lock such that a different key may be used. This is not the same as changing a lock, where the complete lock and its hardware are replaced. Re-keying is done by us Chicago Locksmiths precisely. We make new keys and reset the existing mechanism of the lock so that it opens with new keys. The interior lock cylinder has lower and upper pins. This is a simple process that requires our skilled locksmiths to do the re-keying work in a successful manner. Re-keying is a must as you move into a new place that is earlier accommodated by prior tenants or residents.

To get safes and vaults opened, we will install the latest device

Safes and vaults are now coming with better solutions and modern technology. If you want your safes and vaults opened, we Chicago Locksmiths offer better solutions. Now, our skilled and highly trained technicians use different applications such as bio-metric technology making it perfectly safe. Bio-metrics includes using fingerprints to open devices such as safe and vaults. Safes are designed such that it includes keyed lock or digital lock. It is safe and easy to use. Our technicians are keeping up with recent times and latest advancements in keys and lock combinations, thus security, safety and instant access make new locks popular.

Security systems, contact us, we will install it now

Many wish to have a secure and safe life. The only way to achieve complete protection is by installing the best security systems. With the increase in the population, there is a direct increase in the social troubles. The financial demands are rapid and have resulted in the crime rate increase around the globe. We, Chicago Locksmiths offer the best security systems installation. We are aware of the complex issues of security. Our technicians can install alarms featuring sensors and using CCTV for the purpose of security. We secure mental and bodily areas of the building and our special technical team is highly experienced.

We can get your vehicle keys made in few minutes

The worse nightmare for every motorist is when the real key is snapped off or it splits inside the ignition. Now you face a problem that you have an automobile that cannot start. This is a pricey dilemma. Fortunately, we Chicago Locksmiths are available to replace keys. With the advancement of technology, there is a need to have high end tools and our technicians have many techniques to get rid of your requirement and you can get the vehicle keys made. You may reach us at 773-236-8517 and get the essential details. We can come even with a tiny portable computer if your automobile is programmed on microchip.

One of our locksmiths can reach inside any of the following areas within 15-20 minutes !