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Grosh Key Masters Locksmith Chicago is the most trustworthy name in the security industry in state of Illinois. We have been in the service for years now and the numerous testimonials of our happy customers are a proof of service record. Our locksmiths beleive in delivering 100% customer satisfaction, with our new and up-to-date systems and extensive knowledge bank we are always striving at giving all levels of customers the best solution for their lock and key issues. So whatever the scale of the security issue we will have a customized solution for it.

Locksmith Chicago has security solutions for all your needs

Grosh Key Masters Chicago boasts of having an answer to all your security worries. You can look to our car locksmith for all the locking solutions for your car. We provide everything lockouts rescue service, rekeying service, ignition key replacement, jammed key repair, car lock mending, key replacement, removing broken key and more. Our commercial locksmith Chicago IL has a solution for all your security issues when it comes to your business, whether you want an elaborate system for your office or a simple pad-lock for your office store, we have it all. And to keep your home and family safe call on our residential locksmith, we can keep what’s precious to you safe. From door locks to safe doors security- we have a solution for it all. At Grosh Key Masters Chicago Locksmith our priority is your safety.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

A team of highly trained professionals can be at your doorstep

Our Locksmith Chicago IL team consists of personnel who are trusted, highly trained and skilled at their job. With years of experience in the field, they are extremely capable of solving all your security issues. They are well versed with the latest and newest systems. And can crack everything from the simple traditional lock to highly complex large scale security networks. Our Chicago Locksmith teams serve with a smile, for us your happiness and security comes before anything else.

Call (773) 236-8517 for a 24 hour locksmith Chicago

Our Locksmith in Chicago can be at your doorstep in just 20 minutes of hearing a grievance. We take pride in serving the city and get you going about your regular work in no time at all. Our 24 hour locksmith Chicago provides a 24/7 service 365 days a year, just in case you find yourself in a sticky scenario at an odd hour in the night, call (773) 236-8517 and our team will be with you to solve your problem. So whether it’s a lockout at a wee hour in the night or a misplaced key when you are out – rest assured we can be of help.

Grosh Key Masters can solve all your security issues in no time at all

Your time is of essence, and we are well aware of this fact. We are dedicated at providing quick answers to all your locking issues. Whether you are looking at something small to protect or something big you want safeguarded, our huge array of facilities are there for you.

Lockouts are no worries

Just give us all of your worries. If you have a lot planned for the day and just can’t remember where you left your keys or find yourself suddenly locked out of your house or car just give our mobile technicians a call, we are at your beckon-and-call and are always eager to help. With your busy lives you usually have a lot on your mind and sometime forget the key or misplace the key and ‘lockouts’ can really ruin the day. With Grosh Key Masters Locksmith Chicago on speed dial you can forget your worries and go about your day peacefully.

Grosh and Son Locksmith Chicago

Chicago Locksmiths who are sure to lock all your worries away

Who doesn’t cherish their belongings and their security is always one of your worries. Our Chicago locksmiths have a security solution for all your commercial and residential assets. Whether you want a new key to an old lock or an updated system to protect your processions, ours is the team to call. We know you love your car and our car lock expert is there to keep it safe from burglary, theft or damage. So call us today!

Time to remove broken keys

Some people collect stamps. There are some individuals who collect coins. For those people who are keeping keys, maybe it is time for them to remove broken keys. There are some keys that can be fixed, but these keys might not be as efficient on their jobs as they once used to be. If one needs to know whether these keys are still able to do their jobs, they can check it out with Grosh Key Masters Chicago with regards the validity. Maybe the company also has some products and services that can be useful to these individuals who are getting too attached to their set of keys.

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