Locksmith Itasca, IL

How would you feel when you enter your car and before you start it, suddenly the key breaks. This is a scenario you can never expected. But since the damage has already been done, you will need to seek the services of a qualified Itasca IL locksmith to assist you in the broken key extraction from ignition lock cylinder. Don’t start trying any tool. Grosh Key Masters have special tools and what you will need to do is call us. We are diverse when it comes to locksmithing. With our automotive expertise in the field, you will be surprised at the speed with which we extract your broken key and let you go on with your journey.

Locksmith Itasca IL Is Your No. 1 Source For Digital Door Locks!

Nowadays, everything has turned digital. Doors have not been left behind in this computer era. As such, it is high time you installed a digital door lock on your systems. For those who hate carrying keys in their pockets are marveling at the mention of the word digital. However, I am sure you are not an expert in digital lock installation and that is why it is important to peruse through your phonebook for a number you know. Once you find this: 773-236-8517, do not hesitate. Grosh Key Masters Itasca IL has all sorts of technicians with varied skills ranging from analog to digital at hand. We are exceptional!


Locksmith Itasca, IL

Locksmith Itasca IL Has All the Expertise in the Car Industry and Will Ensure That Your Ignition Switch Keys Are In Good Shape

In the recent times many car manufacturing companies have come up with different car models and this has also seen the introduction of different types of ignition switch keys. But sometimes the switch keys fail. At this point, you will require someone with the knowhow to fix it so that the problem does not reoccur. Where do you go then? With Grosh Key Masters Automotive Locksmith Chicago in Itasca IL you are likely to find a highly experienced technician to help you deal with the problem once and for all. Before we fix it we take time to examine it and if need arises, we replace it without necessarily getting off the dashboard.

Why Choose Our Company?

Over 20 years of experience 


Committed to providing 100% satisfaction


The staff is highly skilled and reliable


Available  throughout the entire process


professional support throughout


Affordability that won't empty your pockets

Avoid The Hustle of Carrying a Bunch of Keys by Visiting Us at Locksmith Itasca IL Today!

Locksmithing involves a number of things – lock picking which includes master key creation, and re-keying. In Itasca IL, it easier to find a locksmith company that is capable of re-configuring your pin-and-tumbler lock models to make them easily operated by any type of key of similar lock model. You need not attach a bunch of keys to your key holder. We make it easier for you by simply having locks re-keyed. Besides, as a company that has been in the industry long enough, we have the skills of developing new keys for your existing locks. Call us today: 773-236-8517 and find out more about us!

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